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Active Release Chiropractic Care Denver

By Charlene Ray / February 22, 2017

Active Release Chiropractic Techniques or Graston – What Is Better Option For Sports Injury?You may have heard of sports chiropractors and massage therapists dealing with different methods to cure soft tissue injuries such as ankle sprains and repetitive use injuries. In this article you will read more about Active Release Chiropractic Care Denver. Terms including […]


Soda, Full Sugar Or Diet…Is Either Worth It?

By Charlene Ray / October 25, 2016

Vegetarians must know and respect the rules and nutrient balance and variety to eat as varied and tailored proportions age, sex and level of physical activity individually. A healthy diet, be it vegetarian or not, is based primarily on balance and variety.


The Best Solutions For Bleeding And Swollen Gums

By Charlene Ray / October 28, 2015

Do you frequently have bleeding gums? Bleeding and inflammation of gums can be an indication of an infection in the mouth. The health of our gums is very important, since diseased gums can result in more severe oral problems like gum recession, periodontitis also in general health problems for example anemia. Healthy gums have a […]


What Is VO2 Max, AT, And Aet?

By Charlene Ray / September 4, 2015

Aspartame is the most dangerous current artificial sweetener, 180 times sweeter than sugar, present in over 6,000 foods. Globally, over 250 million people consuming it in more than 100 countries.



By Charlene Ray / September 4, 2015

The name of this sweetener is closely linked with a number of disorders including muscle spasms, vision problems, panic attacks, hearing loss, dizziness, hampered speech, palpitations, memory loss, generalized pain, depression, tiredness, irritability, insomnia, headaches, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diarrhea.


Apples Prevent Breathing Problems

By Charlene Ray / August 5, 2015

In particular, however, aspartame is a determining factor for the following problems: Migraine: aspartame has been scientifically proven that releases the shutter and even worse headaches, especially if prolonged exposure.


What Is A Vo2 Max Test?

By Charlene Ray / July 4, 2015

An example would be the situation in 1984 in America when aspartame was approved for use diet soda: consumption was huge, and a year later, the incidence of brain cancer was higher than ever and continued to maintain high and in subsequent years.


What Is Vo2 Testing?

By Charlene Ray / July 3, 2015

Do not you wonder as dietary products and “no-calorie” sabotaging your diet and weight control efforts. The main ingredient of aspartame, phenylalanine and aspartic acid, stimulates the release of insulin and leptin, hormones that urges the body to store fat. In addition, because needs are not met sugars, you will be craving for sweets and […]

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