Does Your Diet Come With A Report Card?

Avocado influences the absorption of carotenoids from foods, an antioxidant pigment useful in the prevention of eye diseases and in cancers, also useful for skin protection against ultraviolet radiation.
Gourmet speaking, avocado helps better absorption of three such substances in lettuce. Because in avocado is found a very high degree of vegetable fats, his fruit is often excluded from the diet. It is not the best thing, because these fats are very good quality compared to those in olive oil.

The researchers even claim that a diet low in calories, which includes avocado, diet is more beneficial than a classical regime, it does not affect blood lipid levels and arterial pressure.
Monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado take part in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Avocado is known for its lowering cholesterol and glucose to the antioxidant properties, protecting the liver.